Let’s team up to promote your business! You can be the official sponsor of my daily videos, provide products for contests, be interviewed by me… There are tons of options.

As you can see at, I’m a Senior Copywriter who has created award-winning ads for the biggest brands in the world. And as you can see from the rest of this site, I create funny, entertaining video, audio and cartoon content for my loyal fans who know me from TV, radio and social media. I interview celebrities on red carpets and have millions of views on YouTube, I’m “Verified” as a Public Figure on Facebook, and popular magazines and radio stations follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

We can come up with new ideas for how best to get your message out there, since your business is unique. For instance, if you make a bag for travellers, I could use your bag and vlog about my travels, always mentioning how the bag has helped me. If you’re a hotel, I could stay at your hotel and vlog about my experiences. If you’re a weight loss product, I could try it out and keep my viewers updated on my progress. It all depends on what your business is. But here are some options to start thinking about:

Partner with my daily celebrity gossip YouTube videos

• I open my daily videos with a shout-out to your business and its benefits.

• I feature your logo on the video thumbnail image.

• In the middle of the video, I break for a mini commercial, mentioning your product again in an entertaining way like a joke, a puppet skit, a song or cartoon, to keep viewers hooked.

Check out an example celebrity gossip video:


My friend Carolyn Wilman is the famous Contest Queen, and she advises me on how to most effectively run a contest. You could donate a sample of your product or service as a prize, which I could award to one of my subscribers or commenters. The frequency could vary – There could be a prize with a video daily, weekly, or monthly.

Naming rights

• Sponsor an aspect of my studio or my life. For instance, if you name my studio in my condo, I could announce that I’m broadcasting from the “(Your Business) Studio”. And I could have a sign with your logo that’s visible in the videos.

Custom YouTube video

• A fun and funny product review or commercial where I test out your product and take about its benefits. I’ll post it on all my social media, and you can post it anywhere you want. Here’s an example of a web series that I created for Orville Redenbacher popcorn:

• An interview with you about your business, like when I talked to the owner of Union Juice at the store opening:

Links in YouTube video descriptions

• I can put links to your products below my videos. For instance, if I’m using your microphone, wearing a shirt with my logo that you printed, or sitting on the chair you make, I can give people links to get those items for themselves.

Partner with my daily comic strip

I draw a strip about my funny life, often with a celebrity gossip theme. I’ll label it as “Bought to you by” in the first panel. Here’s an example of my comic strip:

Custom cartoon

On your business’ theme: Here’s a cartoon I drew about dating, brought to you by Dashing Date, Canada’s premiere dating service. They posted it on their social media.

And here’s an example of a cartoon about staying healthy that I drew for SoapWorks to put on their soap displays in health food stores:

Specifically about your business: I can create a cartoon that integrates your business, so it’s more of an ad or branded content. Here’s an award-winning newsletter I illustrated for James Ready Beer:

Partner with this website

• You could appear on – The site you’re reading now. In addition to being in the YouTube videos and cartoons that I’ll be posting, you could have a banner ad on the site, or a custom-made ad like a cartoon or a video.